exploding toilet

For some reason I can’t log into Blogger. Is anyone else having this
problem? So I’ve been e-mailing my posts and pictures in. Read on…

I had a good visit with Crystal in Bangkok today – I just wish the
visit could’ve been longer. We met at Siam Paragon and had some coffee
and a snack, then walked around and window shopped (because let’s be
honest… who can seriously afford most of the stuff in this mall?).
My feet got slightly attacked by an exploding (overflowing in an
explosive way) toilet that was in the stall next to mine. I had just
locked the door and whoosh… I was outta that stall! And yuck!! My
poor grossed out feet!! I felt badly for the girl who had caused the
toilet to explode. I think she was a bit stunned actually. The
cleaning lady kept smiling and kind of laughing at me as I was bent
over, trying to clean off my feet with some paper towels and soap and
water. I WANTED to just stick my feet in the sink but I knew better –
not a thing to do in Thailand…. Anyway…. although my feet were
slightly traumatized, we walked on.

I also had the opportunity to meet up with Golf – a guy from my church
in Lopburi, who lives and works in Bangkok during the week. His sister
is Geek (I’ve mentioned her before) and she’s studying in Bangkok.
Well Golf works close to Siam Paragon and so he popped over to see me
and say goodbye. Before we met up, I had the hardest time hearing him
on my cell phone. A quiet voice that’s speaking Thai is very difficult
for me to understand. I kept saying “I’m sorry – I can’t hear you.”
Then I’d ask him a question and then hear him saying SOMETHING but I
had no idea what. I don’t know why I even bothered to keep asking him
questions! I think he just gave up and told me to meet him at the
fountains straight away. I heard that okay though. So Crystal and I
made our way over there and chatted with him for a few minutes until he
had to rush back to work.

Crystal had to rush home to her boys and I had to rush home to Lopburi.
And I made it back in time for the second half of my fellowship group
– my last fellowship group here in Lopburi. All in all a good day.

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