never a dull moment

Last night I, along with all this luggage that you see above, were supposed to easily board a night train bound for Chiang Mai. Everything had been going well. My luggage was all weighed, they applied the stickers to each piece, the guys who were handling the bags had been tipped. My train arrived and I was ready to get in car #11, while Peter was going to go with my bags to see them loaded on. Here’s what happened…

When I tried to get on the train, the door to my car was locked and eventually when it was opened, my friends had just enough time to hand me my other carry on bags as the train started moving. The train guy was stunned that I wanted on that car – he wasn’t expecting anyone else… Did I have a spot? I had reserved a lower bed but were there complications? It turned out that my bed was there but a girl from the UK had mistakenly thought she had the lower bunk. So I had a spot to sleep. I felt a bit badly for this girl and her friend as they train guys didn’t really tell them in the nicest way that they were in the wrong beds. Problem solved.

I was getting settled on my bed when I got a text message from Dianne (Peter’s wife), who told me that my luggage couldn’t get on my train! Even though we’d been told that it could be done, it turns out that we couldn’t put it on my train. Apparently they don’t like to load the luggage car too full BECAUSE they want there to be room for people to sleep on top of the bags. Dianne called me and explained a bit more but told me that Peter would see my things off on a morning train.

That train is due to arrive very soon so I should go but thought I’d let you know that I arrived safe and sound in Chiang Mai and had a very busy afternoon of looking at trucks. More about that later.

5 thoughts on “never a dull moment

  1. Beth!! What an amazing story. I’m glad that it’s all getting worked out. Are you so excited to be moving to the north now? And you’re buying a truck! How awesome!
    I might be there either in January or possibly April. We don’t know right now…


  2. Oh Jess, it’ll be so good to see you again whenever you do come! Yes, I’m excited to be moving north and yes I am buying a truck. Praise the Lord! It’s truly a gift from God! Right now I’m trying to get over my prejudice of Ford because we found one (kind of a neat story) that seems really good. Not sure if it’ll work out though.


  3. you’ll have to let me know the story…also, I have a little something you might really like to hear…my team will possibly be moving to the north of Thailand, so we’d be a WHOLE lot closer!!!


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