cast your burden on the Lord

“Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you” (Psalm 55:22a).

This morning I was a bit anxious about changing the ownership for my truck. I had met with the previous owners yesterday (they’re such a sweet and kind couple) and picked up the official paperwork from them. And they told me if I had ANY problem, to call them and they’d come to the ministry of transportation. I went early this morning and the lady at the service desk told me that I still needed the signature of the previous owner of the car on one of the thousands of forms. She was really helpful and asked if I had their number and she said that she’d call for me. So she explained to Phii Dang and his wife what else needed to be done and it was agreed that we’d meet up early in the afternoon.

I returned back to my friends’ house, where I’m staying this time, and just as I had entered their neighbourhood, I saw a man sitting on the ground with a woman bent over in front of him. He had her hair in his hands and was pulling it quite hard it looked like. It was a horrible sight to come across – I was kind of stunned to witness it. I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to get out of my truck and do something but I wasn’t sure what I’d even do. I stopped my truck a little past where they were and started praying – asking God to intervene in some way. A moment later I looked back and another couple who were on a motorbike had turned around and went to help the woman! At the same time, the security guards for the neighbourhood bicycled down to the same spot to investigate what was happening. The woman, whose hair had been pulled, walked off crying and the others remained, talking with the guy who was still sitting on the ground. I hope she’s okay.

In the afternoon, I went back to the ministry of transportation to meet with Phii Dang and his wife. I was early and sat down close to where the lady who’d helped me in the morning was sitting. She recognized me and remembered my name. She came over and asked me if everything was “riap rooy” (tidy, all done, etc.) and I told her not yet. She then proceeded to invite me over to her desk and she helped me fill out all the parts that I had to fill out! I was so thankful in that moment that I could speak and write in Thai. After everything was filled out, Phii Dang still hadn’t arrived and so the lady told me to go and get the truck inspected while I was waiting. She had to repeat where I needed to go about 5 times but I finally understood and so off I went. Following that, Phii Dang and his wife showed up, the truck was inspected, I had to go to two windows and wait for the people behind the counters to do their various things, go photocopy something else from the truck window, pay for transferring the ownership, discuss when I could pick up the final paperwork (instead of Friday I can get it tomorrow at noon – I hope) and then on my way out I thanked the helpful lady again. Amazing! Thank you Lord!

After the ministry of transportation, my roommates and I went back to a mall to exchange something and run some more errands. While exchanging something in one store, I found myself standing next to a guy who had been at the same YWAM base in Turner Valley, several years ago. I didn’t know him well but it was so strange to see him there all of a sudden. Weird.

Today was a crazy day but the Lord answered so many of my prayers. I was especially encouraged by the immediate responses to some of the prayers. I was also again encouraged to keep persistently praying for other issues or things on my heart, or things happening in the lives of others I know.

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