And the rain came down…

…and the bugs came in…

A massive (and I’m talking massive) grasshopper, locust. praying mantist type thing decided to share my room with me last night. It stayed outside of the the mosquito net. And while taking a splash bath last night (because our house is having water issues again – ie. we don’t have running water again), a giant (well maybe not a giant one) flying cockroach decided it wanted to hang out with me. I didn’t want to hang out with it and so I gave it a splash of water and then stomped on it as it was on the floor. The scarier part about this incident was that I didn’t have my glasses on, or contacts in and I couldn’t really see.

We had more heavy rain last night and the fields are more flooded. We discovered a few more leaks in our ceiling.

This morning I had my first Thai-yai language lesson – it was great actually. More on that another time though.

4 thoughts on “And the rain came down…

  1. Just remember there are many who have walked this path…and they survived!

    We will keep praying for your safety…and comfort πŸ™‚

    love, helen


  2. We’ve seen this bug before in Thailand. After OC we stayed at the Juniper Tree and carried this bug with us to the Lanna Palace (on accident, it was dead and clinging to a shirt). Todd also posted a blog on this unusual (creepy in my opinion) bug. You’ll be a mighty warrior at killing bugs before you know it! Christa


  3. I think I remember that blog post Christa – I frequent Yetispeak and get a good laugh at what Todd has written. πŸ™‚ Hope you and your girls had a good time at home this summer.

    Thanks for good reminders and encouragement Helen and Christa.


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