my day

Well, I did venture out this afternoon and things were pretty normal.
I saw two soldiers on the way to meet Suzette at Starbucks (which was
open along with most things (except banks, schools and gov offices)).
They were calmly standing by the side of Thapae Rd. After our time at
Starbucks we ventured to a mall and saw two more soldiers standing by
an intersection.

The mall was packed – I think everyone was taking advantage of a day
off from work or school. It was spitting when we left the mall, and
definitely raining by the time I dropped Suzette back off at her hotel.
The rain continued on while I returned back to here.

CNN and BBC came back on around dinner time.

I'm choosing not to say much more, but if you want to know more, this
is where I've been looking – BBC's website.

2 thoughts on “my day

  1. I think BBC and CNN (and other channels) were back on earlier than dinner time yesterday. And I think that they’d been shut off the night before in order to stop Thaskin’s message from New York from being broadcasted – which was probably a good thing.

    I can’t find the BBC article that I was looking at this morning but there was a picture of 3 little girls smiling and getting their picture taken in front of a tank. Apparently people in Bangkok were bringing presents to soldiers there and people in Thailand are generally happy. Thank the Lord that there hasn’t been bloodshed during this coup and I don’t think that there will be. People had been wanting a change.

    I’ve heard that Thaksin traveled to NY with 30 suitcases. Seems like a bit much for a trip there. And his wife went to Singapore earlier this week as well.

    Pray as a new constitution is being written up and for a new temporary leader to be appointed. It’s expected that elections will take place this time next year.


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