returning to the village

It's been interesting to notice the changes that occured while I was
away. Faye and Lilli have been adjusting well to village life it
seems. Last Sunday, when I returned, I witnessed them yelling out to
our neighbour, without getting up from the table or even really
glancing towards the door. Not only have they learned how villagers
communicate but they've also been learning how to cook various Thai-yai
dishes. Yum! I'm glad to be back and continue on with adjusting to
the village. Pray that the Lord would continue to help me with all
these things and that I'd be able to start speaking more Thai-yai.
Praise God that I can now read and write (slowly!) in Thai-yai. I
can't really say anything yet except to ask if they've eaten rice yet
(a common way of greeting others).

Yesterday I went with 6 others to Mae Sariang to a young guy's
graduation from a type of Bible school there. There were about 24
people who graduated from this program, who were from various provinces
in Thailand. I think moving back home will be hard for L.B. as he
understandably had grown quite close to the other students and teachers
there and will miss them a great deal. Pray for L.B. as he settles
back in his village. Pray too that the Lord would guide L.B. in
serving Him and that he'd be obedient. Since he's been gone, a good
friend of his in a different village has come to the Lord – praise God
for that! Pray that L.B. would be able to teach his friend more about
Jesus and how to follow Him.

2 thoughts on “returning to the village

  1. I was on vacation. It wasn’t really the best time to go on vacation but I was long overdue for one and I think there will never really be an ideal time for vacations. You kind of just have to decide on a date and then go… I had a good rest, which is what I needed.

    See you in a few months Jess!


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