the cat came back – 3 days later

David was missing for the last few days but he’s back. We had thought that maybe he’d tried to return to his previous home, in a village about 45 minutes away by car. But we found him in our rafters last night!! We think he’s been up there the entire time but it’s hard to say. He must’ve climbed up from outside, onto our roof and then into the house. The walls of our house and the roof don’t meet up so it would’ve been very easy for him to do that. We just can’t figure out why he didn’t meow until last night.

We didn’t want David to go away but with him missing and not knowing if he was coming home, my thoughts drifted to the song and short film of “The Cat Came Back.” Lilli had never heard of it, so Faye and I explained about the song/film. Have a look for yourself here if you’ve never heard/seen it.

One thought on “the cat came back – 3 days later

  1. Hey Beth, love that cartoon. I watched it and then had that song in my head for the rest of the morning. I’m glad David came back!
    PS It’s snowing here, although its only -3C.


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