dog bite

“You’re not a real missionary until you’ve had a motorcycle burn (from the exhaust pipe), a dog bite, malaria and dengue.” -too many people

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this or variations of this sentence. Apparently I’m not a real missionary yet because I’ve had none of the above. To be quite honest, I don’t want any of the above really. My friend Deborah had Dengue last year – it was her second time and there were many complications and she was very, very, very sick. Dangerously sick. Another friend , Claire, got Dengue in late August, early September and is still recovering from it. I know too many people with a burn on their leg because they brushed the hot exhaust pipe on a motorbike. And I know many people – adults and children – who’ve had dog bites.

One of my roommates, Lilli, has had a tough time of it lately health-wise. And, to top it all off, she was bit by a dog on Saturday night. She has had some rabies shots before but we had to go the hospital and she had to get more shots. And she had to go again yesterday. And she’s there right now as I type this.

She did nothing to trigger the dog biting her, except walking past its home. And the owner claims that it has had rabies shots before… but somehow I can’t really believe that since it’s just a village dog and I think it would be really unusual for it to have had those shots. My friends in town were shocked that a village dog bit Lilli. They said that people in this area hate biting dogs and if there is one that starts biting, it usually gets eaten! Seriously. In Central Thailand, I never heard anything like that. The dogs there were probably one of the worst things about living in Lopburi.

So please pray for Lilli and Faye and me. One postive thing out of all this is that God has really given Lilli loads of opportunities to get to know people in the hospital. Her latest doctor had even lived in Germany for a year and studied in the states and can speak English quite well. Also, it’s nice to know how much our neighbours care for us three. As soon as it happened, about 10 people were around Lilli to help her back to our house. I’m positive if Faye and I hadn’t been there to drive Lilli to the hospital, then they would’ve taken her. So praise God for these things.

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