money, money, money

A few years ago, I was in Toronto helping out at Sanctuary Ministries with a group from my church. One of the workers there talked about how some of the homeless people in Toronto were originally from the East coast. They had left their homes and headed west in hopes of getting a job and making some good money. I’m confident that not everyone who left Atlantic Canada for the West ended up on the streets, but these individuals, whom we met through Sanctuary, did.

A Thai-yai friend of mine, who lives in a different village, has apparently been toying with the idea of going to Bangkok. I’m not sure what she hopes to do there but I do know that money is what’s luring her. She sees it as a place full of opportunities to make money for her family and that making money would be worth it all. She knows Jesus already, has a husband, a son and a daughter and she’s willing – no, more than willing – to leave them all behind and head south. I can’t understand it. Please pray for her – that she would hear the Lord’s voice clearly and be obedient to Him. Pray too for her relationship with her husband. Pray that the both of the will raise their children in a way that brings glory to the Lord.

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