McDreamy, McVet and Chiang Mai

I dropped my Mom and my Aunt off at the airport on Friday afternoon. That was not very fun. I think it was at least as bad as when I left for Asia 1 year and 5 months ago – except this time I was the one being left behind. I’m thankful for the good visit though.

I have been sick with a cold that makes me just want to curl up in bed and do nothing except maybe catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. Unfortunately I haven’t made my way back to MHS yet (why does it have to be such a long drive away?!) and so I had to make do with my guesthouse room yesterday. The cleaning lady came and I told her not to bother to clean my room – I told her I had a cold and she was nice to me. Somehow I have it in my mind that being able to speak Thai puts me in a different category from other Westerners. Maybe to say that is prideful – but to a certain degree it’s true. You do get treated better if you can speak Thai. And she was nice to me. And my great accomplishment yesterday was finishing the second season of Grey’s Anatomy as I lay resting on the uncomfortable bed at the guesthouse. Who did Meredith choose? McDreamy or McVet? I realize that the 3rd season has started already and I realize I could look on the internet for the answer to that question but I won’t. And please don’t tell me. I don’t want to know until I can get my hands on the entire 3rd season. One more thing to be said about Grey’s Anatomy – it does a good job of making me cry. Not in every episode but…. frequently. Maybe that was a result of my cold. Okay, last thing – I didn’t like the fact that Denny Duquette died and that Izzie quit.

Chiang Mai is like going back to North America for me. You can get pretty much whatever you want (at the grocery store) and there are pretty malls (I sometimes like to just walk around and absorb all the prettiness of it all – all the lights and nice displays and flowers and…), there are 4 Starbucks now (that have been playing Christmas music in them!!!! and that have Christmassy smells and tastes), and I can meet up with old friends (even if old means that I’ve only known them for over a year).

The other thing about Chiang Mai is that when I come here, I have a huge, long list of errands to run and things to buy. This isn’t really a favourite part of my coming here but it’s necessary. I mean, you can’t get any cheese in MHS so, you know… Cheese is important to buy. As is coffee. As are various spices and whole wheat flour. Can’t forget the whole wheat flour. On this very special trip into the city I was to buy Christmas supplies in addition to all those other wonderful things I listed. Faye and Lilli and I want to make Christmas special this year. Christmas for Faye and I last year was pretty dismal since we were both quite sick, and the weather was very wet and very cold and you just couldn’t get warm. Not that we can control the weather for this year but we can do other things that help. This year will also be our first Christmas in our house, so it’ll be nice to start some traditions.

Tomorrow I’m going to head back to MHS. I’d like to make the trip in one day but I’m not one for driving long distances on my own so I’ll see how far I can get and I may stay the night in Pai like I normally do. I downloaded a whole bunch of recent sermons from home though, so that’ll be good listening. And my sister sent Sarah McLachlan’s “Wintersong” to me so I’m sure I’ll enjoy that too.

I should really go to bed. Goodnight.

4 thoughts on “McDreamy, McVet and Chiang Mai

  1. Hi Beht,
    I hope you get better soon. cold season is not the time to have a cold. By the way, what is Grey’s Anatomy??? (sorry Im not from that part of the world)
    Jan v Eeken


  2. Hi Jan! Good to get a comment from you! Grey’s Anatomy is a show from the USA about surgical interns.

    Say hi to Jose for me! When are you guys going to come up north?


  3. Hey, they have to come here first! Beth, loved the post and it reminded me to ask you for a mailing address for you hardcore missionaries up north. We sure miss you all but love the pics and the excitement of living in the village. I am also so glad your mom and aunt were able to come and visit. what a treat! The real question is when are you all coming down here to visit? We have four extra beds and a room with a/c just for guests…and we only live 20 mins from the airport…sounding appealing yet?!!!? We miss you…


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