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Christmas and New Year’s have passed and I haven’t had a chance to post anything for a while. Our Christmas celebration on the 27th was wonderful – lots of familiar aromas and tastes on that day. And since then I’ve had a few friends visiting. Claire decided to grace Sop Soi with her presence and experience a cold Thai-yai village instead of the hot, happening city of Nakon Sawan. Just like any respectable guest, she brought tasty coffee to share with Faye and Lilli and I (thank you Claire!!!) and some of her Friends VCDs. We introduced her to Grey’s Anatomy in return and took her to a Christmas party on the 29th in a neighbouring village. Claire and I became friends when we were both in Lopburi studying Thai and we hadn’t had a chance to meet up since June. Fortunately, just before she left, some friends, on a missions trip with YWAM, made the arduous journey to Mae Hong Son. It was fun to have my two worlds collide like that. I’ve known two of those YWAMers for about 6 years now and I so appreciated them coming up to visit me. They brought their son along for the trip (he has picked up some Thai and Shan already! – disgusting, isn’t it?) and I enjoyed being able to visit with Sammy too. Jake and Steve were a part of Rob and Liz’s team and I knew them from my Turner Valley days as well, so it was good to have them around too. The guys helped out in NPJT with clearing an area beside the church. The believers there were really encouraged that they had all this help. Then the next day, everyone came to my house to help do random chores around the house. Faye and Lilli and I all appreciate all that they did. Thank you!

New Year’s eve was fairly uneventful but it was relaxing. The excitement for the evening started when I received a text message from the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok telling me that “several bombs have exploded in Bangkok. Monitor news, excercise extreme caution, avoid crowds and minimize unnecessary travel until situation is back to normal.” Monitor news? From the village? Ha! So I called Crystal, who lives in Bangkok, and who is connected to the world with internet (and maybe a tv – I think). Crystal filled me in as headlines changed on various news’ websites. Faye phoned her Mom in Texas to hear more info. We all ended up going to bed early that night, but I was sure that at midnight we’d hear some fireworks or something. But apparently that’s not what Sop Soi-ers do on New Year’s Eve. The next day I received another message from the Canadian Embassy saying that there were unconfirmed reports warning of more bombings in the next few days. Hmm… I think 3 people died from the bombings and around 40 people were injured. Not really a nice way to ring in the new year.

Rob, Liz, Sammy, Jake and Steve left early yesterday morning for Chiang Mai. I hope to see some, if not all, of them back over here long-term. God knows. I am really thankful for their visit though. After I said goodbye, I stopped off at the market to buy tomatoes, ‘toe-naw’ (fermented soy bean patties that is used in a lot of Thai-yai dishes), and some dried shrimp – the little ones (to make ‘maat piit ko” – a fried spicy side dish). Then it was back to the house for language study. No more friends visiting and no more days off from language study. Please pray for me in regards to my Thai-yai studies! It’s good to be back at it but I have a long way to go with it. Pray that God would help me to persevere.

3 thoughts on “catching up

  1. Wasn’t expecting to see myself as I logged onto your site!! praying that you’ll not miss all your exciting visitors too much and that you’ll settle into a language routine – I’ve just studied for an hour!! on the hunt for grey’s anatomy tomorrow!!!


  2. Hi Beth, Wow – it’s nice to see these pics of us together on your blog. Lots of good memories. I’m praying for you all the time! Miss you tonnes! Love Liz


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