because I’m literate

I’m so blessed. I’m so blessed for many reasons but the one I feel compelled to mention right now is because I’m literate. I am literate in my mother tongue – English – as well as 3 other languages (although I’m not fluent in those 3 other languages). I am blessed because I can read the Word of God in my mother tongue. I don’t have to rely on anyone else to be able to read or hear the Word of God. I am able to pick up my Bible and read and quench my thirst for His Truth.

Every time I see L, a believer in the area, his thirst for the Lord is painfully obvious. His yearns to learn more of His Lord and Saviour and because he can’t read in any language, he has to rely on others to read the Word to him. He is so hungry for Him and His Word that it makes me appreciate even more how fortunate I am.

I pray that he would have an opportunity to become literate in his heart language. I pray that one day soon he’ll be able to pick up a Bible and read, however slowly, what Jesus taught and how He lived, how the Lord led His people out of Egypt and brought them to the promised land. How the Lord was faithful to fulfill His promises in sending the Messiah. I pray that he’d have the opportunity to read the Psalms and be encouraged to express his feelings to God the way that the psalmists did. I pray that he’d be strengthened by the Holy Spirit as he reads the words of the Bible that he so longs to be able to make sense of right now. I pray too that he’d be able to teach his children how to read in their mother tongue as well.

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