to wear or not to wear

Recently, a little girl, who frequently comes to my house, pointed out the cross on my necklace and told me it was pretty. I asked her if she knew what it was and I didn’t understand her answer, except I know she didn’t mention cross or Jesus and she did mention ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost.’ I’m pretty sure that she understood that it was like an amulet and that it had special powers to protect me from spirits or something. Of course she’d think that – that’s what Thai people and many Thai-yai people wear. Why would the necklace that this farang woman wears be any different?

It was an amazing opportunity for me to teach her more about Jesus as I told her about why I wore the cross on my necklace. I’m not sure how much she understood or even exactly what I communicated. I used Lilli’s Thai/German kid’s Bible to help explain about Jesus dying on the cross and how He rose again. I pray that God would help make everything clear to this little girl. I was sure to also explain that the cross on my necklace didn’t have any special powers and that God didn’t command all believers to wear one. It’s just a way for believers in Jesus to remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that He rose again!

Now, I’m wondering if I should take off my necklace and no longer wear it. I know I don’t need to wear it and I’m sure that if she thought this about my necklace, then most other people around me think this as well. Hmm… something to pray about indeed.

2 thoughts on “to wear or not to wear

  1. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

    Hey Beth, just thought I’d drop by while I’ve hijacked my mom’s computer and say hi. We missed you and Rachel at Shawn’s wedding and one of us three has been nominated as the next one to get married so the families can get back together again.

    Anyways, missed you and you have some cute kittens. Hope you’re having a good time over there in between all the work.


  2. Hey George – I’ve heard through an anonomous source that you were a dancing king at the wedding!! I’m glad you had fun at the wedding. I would’ve loved to have gone. It definitely would’ve been fun to hang out with everybody. Say hi to Alex and your mom for me.


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