day in town

I came into town today for my day off so I’m taking advantage of having intenet at my fingertips for a few hours. This is why you see three posts from today.

Along with updating my blog page, I’ve been downloading some new worship music (Robbie Seay Band – “Better Days” and Passion: Everything Glorious) and some new sermons. I really miss attending a worship service in English (makes me realize HOW IMPORTANT it is to have Bibles, and worship songs, etc. in people’s heart languages). I really have to be deliberate to receive teaching in English. I download podcasts from North Park Community Church and Wortley Baptist Church (both in my hometown). The guy who preaches there (at Wortley), Tim Bailey, is an excellent teacher. I’ve never heard him preach in person but I really appreciate the podcasts and have been challenged in my walk with the Lord through them. I use them sometimes as a part of my quiet/devo times and listen to about 10 minutes of the sermon at a time. (I did this when he was preaching/teaching through Luke.) Along with the podcasts from my North Park and Wortley, I occasionally download sermons from Tim Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City. Unfortunately, you have to purchase his sermons from the Redeemer Store. But Faye discovered and told me (she was the one who introduced me to Tim Keller) that he has a website of his own where you can listen and download some of his sermons. He is an excellent teacher/preacher too (if you click on the link on his name above, it’ll take you to his page).

I sometimes like to download stuff from CBC – some podcasts from “The Current.” What I would love is if Vinyl Cafe and Rick Mercer’s stuff was in podcast format, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen.

This morning I took my truck to get washed. There’s a place in town that does everything for about $4 Canadian. Crazy! My truck looks and smells like new now! Beautiful!

Anyhow, I should get offline and head back to my village. Just need to wait a few more minutes for some downloading to finish.

[Added note: I just wanted to say thanks to Redeemer for giving me a year’s subscription to their sermons and thanks to Tim Keller for letting me know about this opportunity. I’ve REALLY been enjoying them and am so thankful to have solid, Biblical teaching in English through which I continue to be challenged in my walk with the Lord. Thank you!]

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