you know… when…

You know you’ve been away from North America a long time when…

  • you wonder what it’s like to walk barefoot across grass
  • you don’t recognize many of the names mentioned in a recent People magazine that a friend sent to you and you don’t understand the poll questions (the one that got me recently was “who is your favourite hero?” I still don’t really know what they’re talking about because they only gave 3 options…. Fill me in here!
  • you watch a movie or a tv series on DVD and you notice things in the background like a juice carton – you’d forgotten that they sold juice in cartons shaped like that…
  • you get offended when you watch “The King and I” and can’t believe what those people were thinking when they made that movie
  • you forget some English words or you start translating sayings from the language you’re now speaking into English
  • you aren’t used to recycling anymore
  • you are used to not having a serving spoon – just using your own spoon to dish out more food to your plate
  • you are more and more willing to eat different types of meat that before would’ve been scary to you
  • you crave weird things from North America that you never really craved before
  • you crave weird things from the country you’re now living in that you never thought you’d ever crave
  • you think it’s totally normal to eat soup with chopsticks (and a spoon)

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