the road from there to here

This is the kind of scene my mother would be horrified to see – a child standing in the back of a pick-up. But people riding in the back of trucks here is incredibly common – I’m not saying it’s safe, just common.

Many bridges along the way are being rebuilt. Here was an easy detour I just passed.

Fire along the road (see the Fourth Season in Thailand).

The bridge to the left is one of the many beautiful new bridges that have been completed and connected to the road within the last four months. When I first moved to MHS, there was a steep dip in the road and a temporary bridge (to the right of the new bridge) that you had to cross over. The new bridge is great!

Road being redone.

Landslide ahead. This happens often but more so during rainy season.

This is the other side of the landslide – when I had been traveling to Chiang Mai.

Bang Ma Pha (also known as Soppong) – a town inbetween Pai and Mae Hong Son. I like the roads here because they’re wide and muddy and remind me of other places I’ve been to that are not too far away.

‘Baan Cafe’, just on the edge of Bang Ma Pha has eye-popping coffee and friendly owners. I usually stop here for a coffee when I’m travelling but some reason didn’t on this trip. They have nice bathrooms too (though they are squat toilets) – always important to know where these places are on a journey.

Leaving Bang Ma Pha.

More roads being redone.

‘Wildlife’ seen along the way. Cattle (aren’t they skinny?!) and water buffalo are often spotted on or beside the road. Or evidence of them having been there…

More road work.

This bit of road always confuses me. I always think I’ve taken the wrong path because neither are very good right now. I had just come up on the right hand side and on the left is where you go down. I’m sure it’ll be a good road in a few months from now.

Where fires have been already.

Valley just outside of Mae Hong Son. I think they’re growing watermelon in these fields.

Nearly home. Up on that ridge is a back road I often drive on to get out of my village.

Anyhow, I hope you found some of these photos interesting. The roads up in my area are generally pretty good and they always seem to be improving them.

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