trying something different

I made popcorn earlier this evening and was about to add some dill pickle season that my mom had sent, when my neighbour “Boy” asked me what I was doing. Boy is about 10 years old and often comes by our house. My first answer was “it’s something like ‘rot dii'”(which is what is often added to Thai and Thai-yai dishes to make things taste better – no it’s not MSG but it does have a bit of that in it). He was puzzled with my answer and so then I tried to explain to Boy how in Canada, people add this stuff to their popcorn because they like the flavour. I told him to put out his hand but he wouldn’t. He said he was scared to try it. I got a spoon and put a teeny, tiny amount on the spoon and again told him to try just a little bit. He said he was scared to try it. But he found some courage to try something different and stuck his litte finger in the seasoning on the spoon and tasted it. He made a face. I asked him if he liked it and he emphatically said that he didn’t. It’s times like these that make me feel better when I’m hesitant to try strange dishes.

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