April 1st

A few years ago, a friend of mine sent out an e-mail saying that she was engaged. Later on that day, she sent out a second e-mail saying that she really wasn’t engaged – it was an April Fool’s joke. Don’t worry I won’t do that to you.

I don’t think anyone in Thailand really even knows that today is April Fool’s Day. Not that that matters. It’s just another day/event that brings back memories of life in Canada.

When my sister and I were little girls, we thought we were very sneaky when we would move the cereal into different boxes and switch the milk and orange juice somehow. That was the extent of our April Fool’s tricks. The funny thing is that we’d do it several years in a row. I don’t know why. I think we were just silly.

I don’t know if you’re already familiar with Stuart Mclean’s “Vinyl Cafe” but you should be. It’s a radio program on CBC, that airs every Saturday morning. For part of the hour, he tells stories about a fictional family. If you’re able, try to find and then listen to “Kenny Wong’s Practical Jokes” in honour of April Fool’s Day.

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