smog/smoke update

Smog crisis worsens in Mae Hong Son

Published on March 25, 2007

The haze problem in Mae Hong Son worsened Sunday with dust particles of less than 10 micrograms (PM10) sharply jumping to 246 micrograms per cubic metre of air from just 166 micrograms on Saturday.

Royal rainmaking operations were not possible to help clear the air as of Sunday, because the windward areas to bring rain to this northern province were beyond Thailand’s territory.

“Satellite images show that forest fire has raged on over a long stretch in our neighbouring country, but it is less than 10 kilometres away from our province,” Mae Hong Son disaster-prevention-and-mitigation chief Khom Jittariyapong said Sunday.

He added that the haze from the forest blew to and adversely affected Mae Hong Son.

“Without rain, the smog crisis persists in Mae Hong Son,” he said.

The Nation

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April 2, 2007 08:17 pm (Thai local time)

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