what’s worse?

I thought I might be forced to experience something tonight that I’ve been dreading – a night in hot season without electricity.

I arrived home this evening just before the sun set and shortly thereafter the power went out. We have one light in our kitchen that stays on for several seconds longer than all the other lights when the power goes out – we don’t know why, it just does. So by that light I found the matches and candles that were on hand for such an occasion as this. Normally the power comes back on within 10 minutes. It flirted with the idea of returning several times but ultimately only decided to come back on about half an hour ago.

During the time that the electricity was out, I contemplated how well I’d sleep tonight without a fan, and I wondered about very important things, such as what was worse: to try to sleep through a night during hot season without a fan or to try to take a shower in cold season without the hot water heater thing going on my shower? I decided that taking a cold shower in cold season was worse but I don’t particularly want to experience either.

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