English Camp

This week has been another busy, crazy week that’s been keeping me on my toes and challenging me to be more flexible. We were meant to have a English camp in Village At the Foot of the Cliff that would run from Wednesday until Friday. But for various reasons we had to change the location to NPJT, and then run the camp from Thursday to Saturday. Below are pictures of us playing silly games as well as learning some English. Have a look for yourself.

The game pictured above involved an elastic and your face. You put the elastic around your head so that it’s sitting between your nose and mouth and it’s also underneath your ears and around at the back of your head. Then, at the same time, everyone tries to move the elastic off of their own face without using their hands. You want to have it eventually slip down so that it’s around your neck. It’s pretty amusing to watch others play this (or to watch video of yourself later on) as you make all sorts of faces, trying to move the elastic down your face. My elastic always got stuck in my mouth somehow. Too funny! The winner was Nong Baam, who is also my language helper’s 11 year old son. I don’t think he has much of a chin because it only took him about 2 seconds for him to get his elastic off. He would kind of just gently shake his head a little bit and then voila! He won! All of us foreigners lost miserably – our chins stick out too much or something.
This was a balloon popping game. The balloon is attached to your ankle by an elastic. It’s always a big hit. They know all the tricks: only blow up your balloon half-way so it’s harder to pop; keep it between your legs… Now that I think about it, I think Nong Baam won this game as well… He’s a skilled little guy, that’s for sure.

This was my English class today. They’re a very bright group and they can read and write English already which is a huge help for an inexperienced English teacher such as myself. Yesterday I taught them foods and drinks and how to ask and answer questions about those things. Today I taught prepositions (using candy and a desk) and the Hokey-Pokey. I think I really confused them with the Hokey-Pokey though. I also think they were greatly amused by my leading of the Hokey-Pokey. Sorry – no pictures of that. 🙂

During the last hour of each morning, Tuu has been teaching about the Lord. Yesterday she taught about Creation. Today she taught about The Fall and Jesus. Tuu is REALLY gifted in teaching and in keeping the kids’ attention. Many of these kids have heard the Gospel many times before. Pray with me that as they hear it again this time, something would click and that they would put their hope and faith in Jesus.

We have one more day tomorrow. Instead of just the morning, it’ll be an all day affair. Pray that we’d all have the energy needed for tomorrow. Thanks for praying!

One thought on “English Camp

  1. Hi Beth,Love keeping updated on your adventures. English camps sounds fun and challenging. Have a blessed Easter! The tomb is empty. He is risen.JenPS I meant to leave a comment on the cicada post. There were LOTS of those little guys in Marseille, they looked a little different and sounded a bit different too. But they sure loved to sing when it was hot out…that was how you could tell if it was going to be a super hot day, if the cicadas were singing before you got out of bed! And I don’t think the French eat them, at least not that they admitted.


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