life long learning

I bought a drill today. I bet you didn’t expect me to say that.

Looking after a house in a village has been a new challenge for me (amongst all the other challenges!) since I moved to Sop Soi. Often I simply don’t know the first thing about what needs to be done to a house in a village. Other times, I am aware of some of the things that need to be done but I either don’t have the tools to fix it, don’t know how to fix it or don’t have the tools and don’t know how to fix it.

If I were back in Canada, I know what I’d do. If I didn’t have the tools and/or didn’t know how to fix something I’d ask my next-door neighbour Mr. Connell if he had time to help me. Sometimes he’d show me how to fix whatever needed to be done, or sometimes he would do it. If he wasn’t available, I’d probably call some handyman to come and fix that specific problem. But here in Thailand, in my small village outside of Mae Hong Son, my resources are limited. There isn’t a guy that I can call to get something done. Or maybe there is but there aren’t any yellow pages here so finding this guy can take a while.

I have a few people that I tend to go to with these sorts of questions, in hopes that they can either help me or they can recommend somebody but what’s hard is that they’re really busy and the people they recommend are also pretty busy. I would ask my neighbours but they’re usually so busy with working in their fields, etc. And it’s hard enought to track down our landlord to just pay our rent, so forget about trying to find him to ask him for help. And then it’s hard to find people with the right tools….

So I imagine that you get the picture – I hope you do. It really is a challenge for me and I would really appreciate prayer about it. It’s a big source of stress in my life actually – not being capable to do what needs to be done to the house, not having the same resources I had back in Canada and so having to face the challenge of learning how to do it all here. The learning curve is certainly steep in a missionary’s first term.

So I bought the drill – at least I’ll have that tool and it will be very useful thoughout the house. I’m thankful that I basically know how to use it. Or perhaps that will become a blog entry of its own. Anyhow, thanks for praying.

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