“look what the Lord has done”

I had another one of those really productive days running errands today. It’s such a strange feeling to go to places, talk to people, get what you want done in a decent amount of time and then move on to the next thing/place on your list. Because this was the third time in one week that I’ve had this experience, I couldn’t get my mind off of how well it had went and how it was almost effortless. “Why?,” I asked myself. As my thoughts were twirling in my head, one thought popped out and had bright, flashing lights surrounding it: it’s because I’m adjusting. My next thought was, “whoa…” Very deep, I know.

It’s amazing actually – things that used to faze me when I was in Chiang Mai needing to get lots of things done are non-issues now. The difference between then and now is huge. Now I know the protocol. Now I know where to go. Now I know which documents will need photocopies and that I should bring pictures with me. Now I know how to maneuver around Chiang Mai with my truck. Now I know more language or have more of an ability to use my limited Thai vocabulary to get further clarification. Now I’ve been in Thailand for more than 1.5 years. Now I know where there’s a hair dresser who speaks English, lived in New Zealand and knows how to cut ‘farang’ hair (this is a huge one!). Now I know that some things just take time. I just praise God for all these things that He’s helped me adjust to. And it makes me excited about the future, especially when I think of my situation in the village and struggling with all that.

When I shared this new revelation with a friend of mine this afternoon, she wasn’t surprised and actually confirmed my hypothesis – it had been the same for her. She did point out that there are still things that happen that can shake you or make things really difficult (like car accidents, or backing into a hole that you can’t get out of (her husband had recently done that)) but it was encouraging to hear from one who’d been there before that things will get easier.

So this time in Chiang Mai has been rather significant for me. In several ways and areas in my life I feel like I’ve hit a milestone. I feel a bit like the Israelites when they crossed over the Jordan into the promised land. They were instructed to take some stones out of the river and set them up to remind them of all that God had done for them and so they could remind future generations about those things as well. They had gone through the wilderness for 40 years, had seen God do wonderful and amazing things in their lives, struggled, complained, and were finally on the other side of the Jordan. But they still had to defeat the enemies of the land. They still had so much ahead of them.

At the end of the prayer counselling seminar I participated in last week, we sang the following song in our final session. I don’t know who wrote it, so my apologies for that.

Look what the Lord has done
Look what the Lord has done
He healed my body
He touched my mind
He saved me, just in time
Oh, I’m gonna praise His name
Each day He’s just the same
C’mon and praise Him
Look what the Lord has done.

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