all creatures great and small

Two large arthropods, the width of two fingers put together, with mandibles and makes helicopter noises when it flies… Hand length lizard with its tail strewn halfway across the porch… Tiny frog with a broken hind leg… Half eaten gecko with its innards spilling out… Spider the size of my fist in the bathroom…

Rainy season is swinging on in and with it is coming creatures of all sorts and sizes. The creatures I listed above graced our house with their presence within the last 24 hours. The dead reptiles were courtesy of Bowie – she is a great huntress.

[Added Note: I should’ve also included the flying termites. They’re attracted to light and are out in droves in the early to mid evening. They lose their wings at this time and then go to live out the rest of their termite life. Ew. I should also mention that Thai-yai people also fry these guys up and eat them – they take the wings off first though. I ate one last week when I was attending a church planting seminar in town. It was nothing special – I’m sure it gave me some added protein though.]

[Another added note: The night that I added the first note, David brought in a tiny crab!! A crab! Then last night, Faye’s fiance called to tell about an encounter he’d had with a 8 inch long grasshopper type of insect! Crazy! What will be next?]

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