“we don’t have…”

I just had my first language lesson in over a month. The last month and a half has been busy with meetings, conferences, seminars, English camps, etc. that either I’ve gone to or my language helper has gone to or we’ve both attended. So it was good to get back into it again this morning.

For my class this morning, I decided that I’d go over my notes from the church planting seminar that we both attended last week and clarify some vocab or phrases that I had written down, that I hadn’t understood at the time. There was one sentence that I had jotted down, where I hadn’t been familiar with the very last word. The first part I understood – “we don’t have…” – but what was that last word? Well, it turns out that it means ‘worms’, as in when you have worms and you have to take medicine to get rid of them. Needless to say we were both laughing over this word. She explained it by saying how her daughter had had them and how she wasn’t gaining weight and not wanting to eat and the doctor had told her what medicine her daughter needed to take. I told her how the medical advisor for our missions organization told us that we’re supposed to take de-worming medicine every six months. Is that too much information? Sorry – that’s just the reality of life here.

Anyhow, I still can’t figure out why that sentence is in my notes. Was it an illustration of some sort? I don’t get it. It was written in the context of talking about “church” and what that means; ie. do you need a building for a church to be a church. Then there were thoughts about what makes up a church – what elements need to be included in a group of believers who meet together. And then the note that it doesn’t need to be a large group gathering together – it may only be 3 individuals meeting together in a house. But then came, “we don’t have worms.”

I must’ve heard wrong. Must’ve.

2 thoughts on ““we don’t have…”

  1. Beth,Sorry to read of the loss of your friend, D. I am praying for you during this time and also rejoicing that she knew Jesus and is now with him and without pain.


  2. Hilarious! Glad to hear that whatever church does look like in Thailand, they definitly don’t have worms. That’ll keep a smile on my face for a while Beth!Liz


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