funny story

It’s about 8:30pm and most of my village is asleep. However, I just heard someone let out a big belch outside which reminded me of something funny that happened the other day…

Yesterday morning, T and Faye and I were all seated around the kitchen table when all of a sudden this guy in his 40s pops his head in the front door and then just sort of stands in the door frame. He has some of those cigars that are wrapped in leaves or something in his hand and he’s wobbling a little bit. I think he was inebriated or high. T asked him in Thai-yai what he wanted and he answered in Thai-yai that he wanted us to cut his hair.

[Added Note: Since I can’t access any blogspot web pages, I’m not able to comment on my blog here. So, in response to what “une amie” asked, the answer is no – we didn’t cut his hair. 🙂 We just told him we didn’t do that. He seemed satisfied with that answer and then left. We’ve never had a visit like that before – very random.]

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