goodbyes and hello

Another goodbye I had to say on the weekend was to my friend Claire (pictured below on the right; Caroline’s on the left). Caroline (also a close friend), Claire and I hung out on Sunday night and said goodbye on Monday when I flew up to Chiang Mai. She flew out of Bangkok early this morning, heading back to Northern Ireland. Claire and I became friends while we both studied Thai in Lopburi, and I learned all sorts of interesting vocabulary from her – my favourite being ‘bush’, which is a hamburger! [Note: Apparently this definition in my mind developed from what we now know was miscommunication/typo… đŸ™‚ So as Claire warned in her comment below, DON’T go ordering a “bush” in N.Ireland unless you are at a plant nursery. My apologies. :)] I think it’ll be a few years until I see her again. Come back soon Claire!!

On Sunday and Monday I also had the opportunity to see Jessica and spend a little bit of time with her! The last time I saw her was January 2006 and now she’s back to stay in Thailand! I’m so thankful that she’s here – she’s such a good friend. We were both in YWAM together years and years ago. Now, she’s studying Thai in Lopburi, living in my old house, in my old room! Crazy!

2 thoughts on “goodbyes and hello

  1. Can i just clarify that ‘bush’ is not actually an northern irish word for hamburger. I’m not really sure how I managed to type it into a text meassage or what I was thinking of – obviously bush’s!! blame it on lack of sleep and too much thai study!! but it’s not an northern irsh word!! Just in case anyone is travelling to ni this summer and orders a bush I can not be held accountable for the strange looks that you might receive!!!


  2. Sorry Claire – at least now I’ll know not to order a “bush” in NI… but where did ‘bush’ come from? I’m confused. How did ‘bush’ come to mean hamburger in our conversations? Was it meant to be “burgs?”


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