chicken hunt

Last night, while Lori and I were making dinner, there were several things going on. Things that amazed Lori because they were actually taking place but which flew under my radar screen because I think that a lot of things don’t startle me or strike me as odd anymore… which is in itself slightly odd.

The the highlight of the evening started off when I saw Nong Boy with a sling shot, walking around the side of our house. I asked him through the window what he was doing. He said that he was going to kill a chicken. Nong Boy continued on around to the back of our house, where Lori asked him through the window nearest her what he was doing. Again, he replied that he was going to kill a chicken.

I should mention that their chickens and roosters hang out all over our yard. If you’ve ever called me on my mobile or over Skype you’ll know that roosters are crowing throughout the day near our house. And if you’ve ever been to visit me at our house, you’ll know that mother hens are always tending to their little chicks and leading them to search for food in our yard. And if you’ve ever slept at our house, you’ll know that the chickens are capable of flying or fluttering up to our roof and you’ll often hear the scuttling of their feet across the asbestos roof in the morning.

Back to the story… Nong Boy was on a mission… I think a rather unsuccessful mission for him unfortunately. I heard him use his slingshot at least once but to no avail. Shortly thereafter, we heard a different kind of shot and some squawking and then saw Nong Boy’s father, Phii Phaan, walk carefully into our yard with a large gun. I think it must’ve only been a pellet gun or something that isn’t so powerful because when he did shoot it, it wasn’t that loud. I don’t know – I don’t really know much about guns. Anyway, Phii Phaan crept through the weeds that have grown too tall in our back yard in search of the chicken and then he went and stood in front of our fish pond for a while. Then he went off behind the fish pond, and disappeared behind the bushes back there. More shots fired, more squawking and still the hunt went on.

Lori and I were never sure if they ever did catch one of their chickens. Every time we heard squawking during dinner, we joked that their family must be hungry because they hadn’t killed a chicken yet. I wondered why Phii Phaan didn’t simply grab a chicken (because I’m SURE he could do that) and then just wring its neck or something. Is that what you do to kill a chicken? Or chop off it’s head or something. I don’t know. Anyway, it made for an amusing evening. We occasionally took pictures of Phii Phaan while he was on the hunt, which I’m sure didn’t really aid in getting the kill.

All in all, it was a normal end to a normal day in a normal village up in NW Thailand.

[Note: You can read Lori’s version if you want to and see the photo she posted.]

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