morning funeral

I just got back from attending a funeral in another village. I had no it would be such a work-out to be in the funeral procession… Climbed up a mountain I think. I’m out of shape.

The casket was on the back of the lead vehicle waaaaay up ahead.

Somewhere down there, and around several bends in the road, was where we came from. After I took this photo, these ladies laughed and told me that they weren’t fit for a picture; they weren’t mad though. All of us were seriously sweating. I’m glad no one took a photo of me. LOL.

We caught up with everyone as they carried the casket into the jungle. Right at this point here was where they handed out cold orange juice. Nice. Giving out a cold beverage is something that people in this area do when you’ve reached the cremation or burial site; not sure if other places in Thailand do this as well.

There was no more climbing up a mountain from this point on – just venturing in to the jungle to the burial site. At other funerals that I’ve been to the bodies were cremated. This was the first time that I saw a body buried in the casket in Thailand.

I didn’t know the man who died. He was the father of a man who used to live in NPJT. T is a believer but his father wasn’t. A truckload and a half from NPJT went to “give him strength” (the literal translation from Thai-yai). Please pray for him. He’s had a hard go of things lately.

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