goodbye to Faye and Dave

These last few days I’ve been in Chiang Mai, spending most of my time with Faye and Dave as their time here in Thailand drew to a close. I dropped them off at the bus station tonight, where the man directing traffic nearly made me leave before Faye got back to say goodbye. Dave had already grabbed the last of the bags, said goodbye and disappeared from sight but Faye wasn’t back yet. I pleaded in Thai, “One more minute! Please!”

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you well know who Faye and Dave are. If you are just tuning in now, you can find out a little bit about who Dave and Faye are by reading their engagement story on Faye’s blog here.

Faye and I have not only shared a house for more than two years but we’ve been a part of this journey that God called us to, in serving among the Thai-yai. We’ve had crazy adventures together from day one and they never ceased throughout our time in Thailand. We’ve bought too many kilos of cucumbers, caught mice/rats on sticky paper, braved the roaches and other creatures that refused to die no matter how much bug spray we drowned them in, travelled north and south, on trains, planes, buses, high-speed catamarans, boats, automobiles and motorbikes, cried through our first Christmas away together, laughed over whatever struck us as funny, cooked, ate and drank good food together, managed to get home from a late night movie in Bangkok, experienced some of the strangest things ever (especially since we moved up north; especially from Jan-March), watched “You’ve Got Mail”, Grey’s Antomy and Seinfeld episodes more than we will want to admit, challenged each other, prayed with and for each other, endured through the hard times, rejoiced in all that was worthy of rejoicing, listened to Tim Keller sermons on marriage together and too many more things to mention. She’s been like my family since we came to Thailand and she will be greatly missed.

Dave came into the picture a little later, arriving just last August in Lopburi and then moved up north in March. He’s also been a part of many of the adventures and I know already how huge an impact he had on those around him in MHS and area. Paa Paan still has tears come to hear eyes when we talked about Dave, after he and Faye left MHS area. She said that she knew Jesus was real, after getting to know Dave and seeing how he was different than other men she knew. Just as he was, the Lord used him and his giftings to really touch people and draw them closer to Him.

At the bus station, I fumbled through my words and wondered how I could get the man directing traffic to understand that I wouldn’t see my friends for a couple of years – it wasn’t that they were simply going on a little vacation away somewhere. And then Faye showed up to say goodbye, having left Dave to guard their huge pile of bags beside the bus.

Currently they’re on a bus to Bangkok and will fly out of Bangkok late Tuesday night. Their wedding will take place on November 10th, in Texas. Please keep them in your prayers.

“Ma yuu tii meung Thai phauw phauw naugh! Pra ben jaow ban tang lii or.”

4 thoughts on “goodbye to Faye and Dave

  1. I enjoyed meeting you and Andy as well Carla. I’m so glad you were able to come up to MHS and to Sop Soi. I guess you’ll be seeing Faye and Dave again by the end of the month. 🙂


  2. Dear Beth,I had already started praying for you and your adjustments to not having Faye around anymore. The Lord will be your strength and comfort. Thank you for sharing the way you do. love, helenH


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