why 1970?

I had a scary moment this morning when I went to my computer after we’d had yet another power failure (I think it went out about 20 times yesterday), only to find that although I’d left my computer on, it was now shut off and wouldn’t turn on again. Not good. I tried suggested solutions in the troubleshooting part of the owner’s manual but nothing. I prayed, left it, had breakfast, drank coffee, went to pick up my language helper in town, came back, prayed some more, pressed random buttons, took out the battery and plugged the computer in and voila… it turned on! I am soooo relieved and thankful because although I could’ve got it fixed in Chiang Mai, it would’ve been a huge pain to get it there and to not be able to use it for who knows how long. When it finally turned on, my computer warned me that the clock/calender was now set to 1970. Weird.

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