end of week review

The marathon’s over finally. Okay – so I didn’t exactly participate in a marathon this week but in many ways it felt like it. The ‘big meeting’ that I had been asking prayer for was this week – it started on Monday and finished yesterday. Overall I’d say it went well – I went away encouraged and challenged by both the people involved in the meetings as well as the content that was shared about ministry among the Thai-yai people. We had more Thai-yai participants this year than in any of the previous years and their involvement was one of the best things about this week. The Lord’s faithfulness was emphasized and highlighted this week through many means – from how He provided help in all the logistics of running this meeting, to what individuals shared in the sessions, as well as in what He was communicating to me in my personal life. It’s been a crazy but a good week at the same time. Thank you for your prayers.

My ibook crashed the morning of the last day of the meetings. I had given a presentation the day before so I was thankful that my computer had waited until that was over before it crashed. When I realised that my computer was NOT going to reboot and do its “thing”, I sighed, prayed and thought about the two documents that still needed to be printed from off my computer. I realised that one of the other organisers had one of the documents in a semi-complete format (that could be completed somewhat easily) and the other document could be recovered from somebody else’s computer. So my ibook’s uncooperative nature on Thursday didn’t end up being a huge problem as far as the meeting was concerned. However, I took my sick ibook into the Apple service centre in town here in Chiang Mai this afternoon and they told me that they couldn’t recover any of what was saved on my computer. Sigh. My last effort of back-up was about a month ago. Sigh. They said that it might be ready to be picked up on Monday, so as far as I understand, it seems they can bring it back to life again. I think so at least. Anyway, I need to figure out a better back-up system… I still can’t believe my ibook crashed.

One issue we spent time in prayer for during the meeting was the situation in B. We were quite glued to radio and tv broadcasts and internet updates throughout the week. It’s difficult to even know HOW to pray about what’s going on. The people want freedom and it just seems so impossible for that to happen without more bloodshed. I’ve been praying for the leaders to be humble and to submit yet that seems like the least likely thing that will happen. I don’t know what the Lord’s will is. I don’t know how things will change in B. or how freedom will come to that nation – the people need not just physical and political freedom but more importantly they need to know freedom and truth and life in Christ. Would you please join me in praying for B and the people of B?

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