My house often seems like it’s constantly inundated with creatures of all sorts. Almost each week there’s a new variety of insect or creature that enters my house and introduces itself to me. The bug pictured above was one that showed up one evening recently and was very cooperative in the photo shoot that Lori had with it.

Since this bug was small and had yellow sides, it was deemed “not scary” in my mind. Funny how the colour of an insect can affect your perception of it… A large green bug or one with a metallic blue back is not nearly as scary as an equally large black bug. Also this week, the cats brought in two, large, cricket-like roaches – or maybe they were roach-like crickets. Anyhow you get the idea. They freaked me out more than roaches do. They were just so huge and almost animal-like, especially when they were flipped on their backs and their underbellies were exposed. Ew. Too animal-like for an insect in my mind. Too big. Be glad I don’t have a picture of them.

2 thoughts on “bug

  1. Hey Gareth – I think it’s just that the zoom was good. The bug was maybe an inch, inch and a half long and it was skinny and had the yellow sides. It was really okay. I guess you’re glad they don’t have them in Wales. 🙂 Hopefully you don’t have the roach-like crickets there either!


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