thankful for L.O.’s joy in the Lord

Earlier this evening I went with T for Bible study in H.P. The house we normally have it at was shut up – no one was home. So we went to L.O.’s house. We realised upon our arrival that L had already arrived as well.

L.O.’s really improved his house since the last time I went there, just a few weeks ago. Now the first floor is on stilts and there’s a better fire pit area on that level. Then you go up another set of steep steps to where their sleeping area is. They have only one wall closed in from the outside, so I imagine that it’s quite cold when they’re sleeping and the wind blows. The floor is bamboo and looked like it had been recently put down. I’d say that the house is “khem!” (Thai-yai word for great, well finished, done with precision) It looks really good.

I’ve known L.O. and his family for a little over a year now and it’s amazing to see the changes in his life and his family’s as well. He has so much JOY!!! Praise God for that! Last year he seemed like the one with the weakest faith, out of the three believers in H.P. Now, he has the strongest faith and has a real eagerness to learn more about his faith in the Lord. Last year he couldn’t read and now he’s reading his Bible, albeit very slowly. His wife is not yet believing in the Lord so please pray for her and that the Lord would transform her life as well.

L.O.’s family doesn’t have much and that includes electricity. Yet the candlelight was more than sufficient for us to praise the Lord together in song. Eight figures singing in Thai-yai by the light of three candles, sitting on a bamboo floor, in a house on stilts and L.O. beaming. I loved tonight.

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