prepping for Christmas

Last week Lori and I had some guests stay with us, all the way from Sweden and Canada. We took advantage of the extra help and spent one evening putting up our Christmas decorations and drinking hot chocolate and eating brownies. Hard work, eh? Thanks Heather and Maria – it was fun having you visit!

To be honest we don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations, but what we have works. Lori and I have a grand total of 8 Christmas cards (my, aren’t we popular) that are hanging up in our living room. We’re hoping more come to help create the festive feeling in our house. HINT! HINT!

Aside from decorating for Christmas, we’ve been busy helping with Christmas outreaches in the Mae Hong Son area. We went to a far away village on the weekend and had to stay overnight close to where we had the outreach. It was kind of cosy with all of us sleeping in the same room in some strange family’s house. They were strangers to me but I think they were somehow related to somebody in our group. I awoke in the morning to SW asking me for my truck keys because my truck had to be moved to a different spot so another vehicle could get down the road. Then a woman came in beside where I was half-awake, with a small plate of rice, knelt down and made the offering to the spirit shelf in their house. I hadn’t realised we were sleeping underneath it. Ah well… an interesting start to the day.

Last night we were at a village close to Sop Soi, Thursday (the 20th) will be the Christmas outreach/festival in Sop Soi, then on Saturday (22) we’re at New Hope Village, Sunday (23) will be at the MHS town church, then on Monday (24) and Tuesday (25) we’ll be in Napajat. Believe it or not after Christmas there are more outreaches… Wednesday (26) we’ll be in Kha-haan, then on Saturday (29) will be the final one (at least as far as I know) in Huay Salop. Please pray for love, unity and patience amongst those of us involved in the outreaches. Pray that our lives and our relationships would be glorifying to Him during this busy and often stressful time.

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