the birds

My house has a problem with birds. I’m not referring to the chickens and roosters that roam around my yard, poo everywhere and flutter onto the roof of my house and crow without ceasing. Sure, they’re annoying but with some earplugs at night and the ability to ignore them throughout the day I can deal with them. No, I’m talking about the birds that showed up about 5 months ago – sparrow-like birds as well as pigeons or morning doves (I really don’t know what they are but they’re something like that).

Roughly 5 months ago, we had the upstairs ‘screening’ finished. I say ‘screening’ because a combination of screening and foam were used to seal section between the wall and the roof. Several options had been thought of by my friends who worked on the job and this seemed like the simplest and cheapest solution. And the fastest -it only took 2 days for the job to be completed. However, shortly after it was finished the birds came.

Initially the sparrow-like birds (the biggest culprits of them all) pecked at the foam. Sure, there were a lot of them (not as many as pictured above though!!!) but I naively didn’t really think they’d be committed in pecking through the foam to the other side. Gradually holes developed – all over. They knocked small and large pieces of foam through to the upstairs of my house. The floor never ceases to have some little white foam pieces on it somewhere. Then they started venturing through those holes and flying in to take a peek inside. They often leave evidence that they’ve been through to visit.

Aside from the sparrows, we have at least one pigeon or morning dove nest on our roof, underneath a slightly covered area. They just had babies. We really don’t need more birds around here.

The reason why I’m mentioning all these things is to perhaps vent a little bit but also to ask you to pray. Pray that the birds go away!!! The other day I did some cleaning and shortly after I was done, I went into my bedroom and saw a whole bunch of debris that the birds had caused to fall. This is totally normal. You clean something and the next minute later there’s a mess again. It is unbelievably frustrating. Pray that God would give me the grace to be able to deal with these things and laugh about it.

Several years ago, back when I was in Lopburi, some friends of mine were having problems with neighbourhood dogs barking throughout the night, preventing them from getting good sleep. They asked their prayer supporters to pray and their prayers were answered (see paragraph 3/4 of the way through the post).

I don’t really know if God would make the birds go away – I mean, I know that He is able to do that, but maybe He wants me to learn something through this. I’m not sure. But I would appreciate your prayers.

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