numbers from the conference

Last week I attended a conference in Chiang Mai for people working amongst Buddhist unreached people groups. I have mixed feelings about the week but there were elements that were beneficial, so I’m glad I was there for those components. I also found it encouraging to have the chance to meet and interact with others working here in S.E. Asia.

Along with gaining some new ideas and contemplating over some controversial topics during the week, I acquired much more than I had anticipated and had some interesting conversations. The following is written in jest – I really did gain something(s) from the week, even though it won’t be reflected in what you’re about to read… (all figures are approximate)

  • Number of times I was asked if I was one of the students that was involved with helping out with the program: 5 – I know I look young, and I think I was younger than most who were there
  • Number of people I met who were currently working, or plan to work, with people from “Phaak Issaan”: 6 (this is typically an area of Thailand where there are very few believers and very few missionaries serving there, so this was exciting to hear)
  • Number of e-mail forwards I heard used as illustrations when people were speaking: maybe 5 – one guy in particular had quite the repertoire; considering 2/3 of the participants are from cultures that appreciate and learn best through story-telling I guess it makes sense… it just seemed a little funny to me
  • Number of heated discussions: a fair number actually; things got quite tense in the meetings at times
  • Number of other Canadians: only one other that I knew of
  • Number of people who had no idea where Mae Hong Son was: the majority of everyone I talked to; there weren’t many who were based in Thailand and strangely enough there was only one Thai couple there
  • Number of people who knew where London, ON was: several – I was surprised!; there was even one couple who’d recently vacationed in Stratford, Ontario
  • Number of people who were from Ohio: it seemed like a lot but probably actually about 3
  • Number of people I met for the first time who knew people I knew: 6
  • Number of times I chose the Asian breakfast over the Western breakfast: 3.5 times out of 5; I have a theory that the Asian breakfasts taste a lot better than the Western breakfasts at conferences and hotels like the one I was at – it’s a proven theory actually, in my experience
  • Number of business cards I was given: 10
  • Number of people who commented to me that they didn’t have business cards: 13
  • Number of brochures people gave me at random: 4
  • Number of those brochures that were about India: 3
  • Number of times I was asked if I was alone: at least once a day… maybe between 7-10 times
  • Number of times I saw “kith and kin” written in various people’s papers: A LOT in papers from a particular nation; what is “kith” anyway? Something to do with kin I’m guessing.
  • Most random “advice” I was given: “The reason you’re not married is because you don’t have a business card.”

3 thoughts on “numbers from the conference

  1. Sounds like an interesting conference. I like that last piece of advice, who knew find your life partner was so easy!Sorry that we weren’t able to hook up. Next time your in town, give us a call, we’d like to hook up. If we ever make it to Mae Hong Son, we will give you a call.


  2. I don’t know Lori but I’m sure there’s at least one place that makes business cards here in MHS. Maybe it would be more useful to you now while you’re back in SF. You know… all those many opportunities to hand your business card out! If you wait till you’re back in MHS you’ll be stuck with a boxful of cards until you go to CM or something. 😉Hey Brent! I will definitely give you a call when I’m next in CM. I’ll be there in March – at the beginning and the end of the month so hopefully something will work out. Can’t wait to meet Owen!


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