My neighbours are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Grandma (that is actually what I call her in Thai-yai; you can call any elderly person the equivalent of Grandma or Grandpa – this is particularly useful when you don’t know or can’t remember their names) is always so smiley, caring, talkative and friendly. Whenever I leave my village, I usually drive past her house and make sure I turn my head and wave – almost always Grandma and Grandpa are there smiling and waving back at me.

Grandma has been asking about “Andy” for over a month now I think. Every so often, “Andy” becomes the main topic of conversation and Grandma wants some info on “Andy.” The trouble is, I don’t know WHO she’s talking about.

As far as I know, there has only been one Andy visit Sop Soi. That one and only Andy that I know of is my previous housemate’s brother – he came to visit along with Faye’s Mom last July. Did Andy leave such an impression that Grandma, more than six months later, cannot stop to wonder how he’s doing? And when he’s coming back? I recall that Andy played soccer with the kids in the village and I’m pretty sure that Faye took her Mom and brother to meet some of the neighbours… Is this truly who Grandma unceasingly asks about? If not… who is Andy???

3 thoughts on “Andy?

  1. I bet that IS our Andy she’s referring to! We spent about an hour on their front porch chatting on one of our last evenings in Thailand. What a SWEET family!Carla (Andy & Faye’s mom)


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