"The Tapestry" and BetterWorld.com

December 29th, 2007: I bought the book.
January 3rd, 2008: They shipped the book.
February 1, 2008: The book is in my mailbox at the post office.

I randomly came across BetterWorld.com sometime last year and thought it was a good idea. Used and new books, free shipping in the USA and only 2.97USD per book for International shipping… not bad… all to fund literacy projects. AND they have some sort of partnership with Carbonfund.org so you’re also helping the environment when you purchase a book with them (I don’t really understand how the details so don’t ask me please!!!).

Various friends of mine have read “The Tapestry” by Edith Schaeffer and have LOVED it. Apparently it’s hard to find. I never tried looking for it in Canada but usually when I pop into a used bookstore here in Thailand, I try to find ANYTHING by some specific authors – Francis Schaeffer being one of them. I haven’t had much luck with that search. Which brings me to why I bought it off of BetterWorld.com. It was there, it was cheap… All in all, it cost me 13USD to buy the hard cover book (there was no soft-cover) and have it sent all the way to me, in this little pocket of the world.

I really want to start reading it now but as you can see, if you look to the right of this post at the sidebar, I already have too many books on the go. I should probably wait.

2 thoughts on “"The Tapestry" and BetterWorld.com

  1. I love this book, Beth! Enjoy it when you get to it…I love the honesty with which she writes…and thanks for sharing about the website you found…I’ll have to give it a looksee. =)missyou


  2. Hiya Beth. My pastor’s wife in church is always quoting Francis Schaeffer. It sounds like his stuff is really good. I’m currently reading The Forgotten Spurgeon by Iain Murray which is really inspring. Enjoying your blog. God bless, gareth


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