Andy? – Part 2

There is another part to the Andy mystery that I keep meaning to write down for you to read and ponder about with me. Aside from asking about Andy and when Andy was coming back again, Grandma kept pointing to her bicep/shoulder area. This led me to two possible conclusions. Had Grandma been saying “Andy” even though she meant to say “Lilli”? You know. Andy. Lilli. Sound pretty similar, right? Lilli was a roommate of mine who had to unfortunately return home last year; however, several months prior to returning to Germany, she had had a motorbike fall and had really injured her shoulder… hence Grandma’s pointing to her shoulder maybe? Or, had Grandma become so mesmerized by Andy’s biceps that she couldn’t not think about his biceps when she thought about him? [Sorry that’s kind of wordy there.]

It’s still a mystery.

2 thoughts on “Andy? – Part 2

  1. Lilli. Yes, it makes a lot of sense. More than Mehthaw actually missing my brother! So funny, Beth! You’ll solve the mystery one day, I’m sure!


  2. 🙂 Yeah – I think that Mehthaw meant Lilli too. I was just surprised that she’d forgotten her name though. Phii Phaan was asking Lori about you the other day – talking about how you could eat really spicy food. 🙂


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