tomorrow morning and Distracting Man

Just wondered if perhaps you could pray for me for tomorrow morning. I’ll be teaching in HP on my own tomorrow but I’m a little worried that Distracting Man will be there as well. He hasn’t shown up for ages but he was there last week when P.T. was teaching and he was…. distracting. He also just makes me feel really uncomfortable especially after the incident in Sop Soi (look towards the end of that post). Please pray that I would see him as the Lord sees him and that I wouldn’t be fearful of him. Pray too that he wouldn’t be distracting and that those who meet together tomorrow morning would grow closer to the Lord and have true understanding of who God is and how He loves them and has a purpose for their lives.


[Follow up after Sunday morning:

Thanks for praying. As it turned out, Distracting Man wasn’t there – I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. When I arrived, Uncle O’s wife and kids weren’t home and Older Brother J was there hanging out with Uncle O (sometimes I refer to him as L.O.). We went out in their yard and sat on some fallen trees, waiting in the sunlight for Aunt Red (Uncle O’s wife) and the kids to get back. About 45 minutes later the kids were back and we started without Aunt Red, who arrived just after we finished singing some worship songs.

I think my teaching was okay. I used a little of what I preached about last week in NPJT to teach in HP yesterday except I adapted it for this group who is very different from the believers in Napajat. Uncle O is the only believer among those meeting now in HP. But I found out yesterday that Older Brother J is wanting to become a believer! So praise God for that! He didn’t mention it yesterday morning but I found out later in the day when my friend P.T. told me over the phone. I had called her to let her know how things went in HP.

On the way home, I stopped in at Fish Caves to visit whoever was there selling food. Both Mew’s Grandma and Pa Paan sell snacks there for tourists on a fairly regular basis. Pa Paan wasn’t there again this week but I ended up seeing Mew, her Grandma and had the chance to meet her Mom (who normally lives in BKK). It was really good to see Mew and talk with her. Please pray for Mew. After much pressure from her Mom last year, she turned away from Christ and back to Buddhism. Yesterday, I asked her what she’d like prayer for. She asked me to pray for her studies. She has exams coming up and she’s worried about them. Please pray that she’d call out to Him. That she’d seek him once again and that her soul would thirst for Him; that her flesh would faint for Him, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water (Psalm 63:1).]

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