Saturday was lizard day

Geckos abound everywhere in Thailand, to the point that you don’t really notice them anymore (except when they drop on you from the ceiling or when they leave their poo everywhere or you find the evidence of new geckos having hatched from their eggs). So I don’t get too excited over geckos. Yesterday, however, brought forth 3 different lizards into our house – 2 of which were brought in by David and Bowie. [The white object in the bottom left-hand corner is the big water bottle that contains our drinking water. Its whiteness is kind of overpowering…]

This is called an “akhang” in Thai-yai. It has a blue head normally but it seemed to change colour while Bowie was attacking it. She’s been after it for days actually, pursuing it up a tree just outside our house on an almost daily basis this last week. She’s a good little hunter.

At one point I thought it was dead but it “came back to life.” I’ve been told that it’s hard to kill akhang and that they bite and it’s difficult to get them to release their grip. They’re also poisonous if you eat them – well, they’ll make my cats throw up if they were to eat it. I swept this guy outside after a while, where Bowie played with it to its death. She didn’t eat it – at least as far as I know anyhow.

I’m aware that this isn’t a lizard but I just thought it was a cool looking bug. Amazing colours, eh?

Late in the afternoon, this “du-gae” was spotted near the stairwell. You DO NOT want du-gaes to reside in your home because once they take up residence, it’s really hard to get them to leave. I think this is the same du-gae that visited about a week ago. That time some people working on the road in front of our house took a bamboo pole and beat the du-gae off the side of the house, scaring it away to our neighbours house.

Du-gaes are named after the sound of their call (like the chickadee). Usually they call out several times in a row – I only ever notice them calling out in the evening. There are some superstitions associated with du-gaes – some of which have to do with evil spirits. So some people are scared of du-gaes for that reason I think. Don’t quote me on that.

This time, I went and asked Uncle from across the street to help get rid of it. Du-gae‘s are fierce creatures and their bite is MUCH MUCH worse than that of the akhang. They’re much bigger than akhang and they also won’t let go once they bite. And they’re really difficult to kill. I’ve seen some friends of mine in a different village try and beat one to death. They were guys with muscles and they beat that du-gae with bamboo poles and it wouldn’t die.

Uncle, from across the street, didn’t want to kill it and after hitting it with a bamboo pole a couple of times, he took a broom to it and got it to clutch the end of the broom. Then he took it far back behind our house to a tree and let it go. It’ll probably come back again. Hope not though.

The last lizard of the day may also be an akhang but I’m not sure. Apparently the male akhangs are the ones with the blue heads and the females have brown heads. David ate it after playing with it for a while and didn’t vomit it up so who knows??

2 thoughts on “Saturday was lizard day

  1. Hiya Beth! Wow I love your blogs about creatures. I remember being in the Philippines and every time I went to the loo I checked around for geckos. I remember one looking at me from the vent. Perhaps he wasn’t looking at me but that’s how I felt! So being pretty nervous around the tiny little lizard creatures I think I would have packed my bags and gone home if I’d ever seen anything like a du-gae! What an amazing looking lizard. When I see certain animals I really do want to praise God because they are so amazing. Glad someone got rid of it for you.God bless!Gareth


  2. That’s funny Gareth! So I guess you won’t be visiting me up here any time soon! Unless I can guarantee no lizards or other critters, eh?? Thanks for the comment! I’m glad I didn’t have to get rid of it myself (the du-gae) too!!Take care!!!


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