I wanted pickles with my grilled cheese sandwich at lunch today and so I tried to open one of the jars of pickles that I made a few months ago. But I couldn’t open it. It was kind of sad. As was my sandwich – looking all lonely on the plate by itself.

It was one of those moments where I thought, “if only I could reach into that drawer in my Mom’s kitchen and pull out that thing that gives you good grip for opening jars.” But alas. No can do.

Do you have any jar opening tips or tricks???

3 thoughts on “pickle

  1. you can use the end of a spoon – the handle end, not the end which you eat from. put that tip under the lid of the jar and bend the spoon. the idea is that you make a small opening so that you let air in to the jar, and takes away the vacuum, it will make it easier to open. if the spoon’s handle is too thick use your imagination and find something else which is thin enough to sneak some air into the jar….


  2. Okay – I must confess that I, Beth, posted the comments as seen below BECAUSE those people didn’t give their helpful comments on the comment page but communicated to me through other means. Anyhow, thanks Peidi and M!!! I’ll try to remember your suggestions for future pickle jars. In the end, Lori came home and managed to open the jar. I’d like to think I loosened the lid for her… 🙂


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