rainy drive

Yesterday, Lori and I drove to Chiang Mai from Mae Hong Son. It rained most of the way, which is nice since it brought the hot temperatures down, but it made for some cautious driving on the windy and steep roads.

Starting next Tuesday, our field’s annual conference takes place and prior to that, on Saturday and Sunday, our Thai-yai team is getting together for a mini retreat. Bonding time I guess. I think it’ll be good.

Anyhow, as always, coming to Chiang Mai means running around and doing some errands (not so fun) BUT this time it also means that I get to see two very good friends of mine who only have 2 days left in Thailand (very fun!). I’m really looking forward to spending a little bit of time with them on Friday – only wish it was longer.

Andrae’s teaching Thursday and Friday morning in the SBS here in Chiang Mai and so that limits our time together a wee bit. However, I may go and sit in on his lecture tomorrow (Friday) morning. Or take off with Jess for some good coffee and gab. Or both. And then dinner Friday night with Jess and Andrae. That’ll be fun. They’re great. I’ve really missed them.

But today – errands. Ugh.

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