Praying for the Cyclone Victims – 2

Another prayer bulletin for the cyclone victims in Burma:

Last week it was reported to the world that Burma (Myanmar) truly was going to open it’s doors to foreign aid. This week the news brings more disappointment and frustration as things never seem to be as they appear at first sight.

Reports from the delta are horrific and still the authorities obstruct those wanting to help. Homeless victims are being told to leave their makeshift camps and “go home.” Lines of cyclone victims along the roadside are being described by the government as giving the country a bad name!

A group just back from the delta report the following. “After several hours on small creeks we reached villages that after nearly three weeks had not received help yet. No proper food, no clean drinking water, some even without clothing. Their clothes had been taken by the flood waters. There were still bodies floating in the rivers. The smell of death was all over.”

Locals with aid have been arrested and questioned by the police. A Christian woman had been out on the street with two bags of clothing. She was arrested and questioned and kept over night in the same place that in October many monks had been kept in. Down at the wharf the guys in grey were after people who wanted to bring aid to the delta or just came back from there. They would confiscate even boats or cars. An old law, by which locals in possession of dollars would be charged with up to 20 years in prison, seems to be used as a threat against people again.

The devastation is unimaginable, “9 pastors died in one district alone. 21 Karen Christian villages in the same area no longer exist!” reports one senior church leader.

  • As Churches are reaching out to people with practical help, they are finding a huge need for the word of God. Pray that 5000 Burmese bibles can be sourced, purchased and distributed.
  • Pray for access to the places that need help.
  • Pray for the helpers, that as fresh teams go to the affected areas those who have been working for the past two weeks would get refreshment and counseling.

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