getting rid of the ants

The ants in my cupboard are resilient. They somehow invaded the ‘tuu kap khaow’ (aka food cupboard) in our kitchen awhile ago. We cleaned the cupboard out several weeks ago and thought we got rid of them but alas… they’re still there. So we cleaned out the cupboard again, carefully examined all of the food in there (and as a result had to throw out a lot of what the ants were enjoying to eat) and sprayed the cupboard. Then, after several days of just leaving the cupboard bare, we put out some bait to lure them out of their hiding spots (because I think they’re living in the frame of the cupboard) and they’re still there! I can’t say that they’re thriving since we took away all their food sources but they’re there. So now we’ve put out some ant poison. As you can see by the picture above (click on the picture to see them up close), they were busily taking the poison back to their nest – just as they were supposed to and as we hoped they would. I hope this works to get rid of the ants! They’re such a nuisance!

It’s amazing how something so small can drive one nuts and suck up so much of your time. It’s kind of like the bird problem in some ways… which is much better by the way. The pigeons are still around and they’re annoying for various reasons but they don’t try to get into my house like the small sparrow-like (but scary) birds did. They’ve gone for the time being. Yay! Thanks for praying if you prayed about that! I just hope and pray that they don’t come back!

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