check out the postcard

My team leader and his family recently left for their home country for 9 months and their youngest daughter sent this postcard to those of us left here in MHS. They all went to a beach down south for some vacation time before heading back home (which is where she sent the postcard). Super cute!

Thanks Chloe! We miss you too!

One thought on “check out the postcard

  1. Hi Beth,I should probably remember, but I don’t – how you know Joel and Renee. Perhaps from YWAM? You left a kind note on my blog (Grace Only, Grace Always)this morning. Thanks. Joel’s mother and I were able to fly to MN for Emily’s funeral on June 15. It was an awesome service in praise of our Savior. A number of unsaved people present, and I know it impacted them. Anyway, I trust your time in Thailand is fruitful and that you stay protected.God bless,Steve Pike, Joel’s Dad


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