little birds and a du-gae

The birds are back. Not all of them though. Yesterday morning I found myself having to duck as a little bird came swooping down on its way across the room. It had managed to find its way into the upstairs in my house. But couldn’t get out. Eventually it must’ve found a way out – it wasn’t there later on.

We also have a du-gae pooing in our house. Pleasant – I know. It’s weird though. We haven’t heard it, nor have we seen it but every morning we find more of its poo in the same location in the kitchen. At least it sticks to the same spot. Today my language teacher confirmed that the poo we were finding in the kitchen was indeed du-gae poo. She asked if I was scared. I said no. “What can I do about a du-gae that I never see?” I thought to myself. She told me that she was scared. If they had the word in Thai-yai, I’d say that she actually said that she was freaked out by the du-gae being in my house. And then we sat down and studied Thai-yai together. I wasn’t very compassionate about it. I never gave the du-gae another thought. She probably did though. Hmm….

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