encouragement from "Hinds’ Feet On High Places"

“One day they came to a place on the shore where were high cliffs and great rocks scattered all about. In this place they were to rest for a time, and while there Much-Afraid wandered off by herself. After climbing the cliff she found herself down into a lonely little cove completely enclosed on three sides by the cliffs and with nothing in it but driftwood and stranded seaweed. The chief impression it made upon her was its emptiness. It seemed to lie there like an empty heart, watching and longing for the far-off tide which had receded to such a distance that it could never again return.

“When, however, drawn by an urge to revisit the lonely cove, Much-Afraid went back to the same spot some hours later, all was changed. The waves were now rushing forward with the strength of a high tide urging them onward. Looking over the edge of the cliff, she saw that the cove which had been so empty was now filled to the brim. Great waves, roaring and laughing together, were pouring themselves through the narrow inlet and were leaping against the sides, irresistibly taking possession of every empty niche and crevice.

“On seeing this transformation, she knelt down on the edge of the cliff and built her third altar. “O my Lord,” she cried, “I thank thee for leading me here. Behold me, here I am, empty as was this little cove, but waiting thy time to be filled to the brim with the flood-tide of Love.”
-from “Hinds’ Feet On High Places” by Hannah Hurnard

I’ve always hesitated when people suggested I read this book – mostly because of its allegorical nature. But my roommate recently read it and recommended it and so I thought I’d give it a shot.

It’s been an interesting read so far and if I think of it simply as a novel and not as an allegory then I find that I can enjoy it. I like the pictures that the author creates – like the one in the passage above. I guess I feel like there’s a lot in Much-Afraid (the main character) and her journey with which I can identify. So because of that, I’ve been encouraged. Have a read yourself.

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