His love for us

“”God,” Paul said, “makes it clear the greatness of his love for us through the fact that Christ died for us while we were still rebelling against him” (Rom. 5:8).

“The exclusiveness of the Christian revelation of God lies here. No one can have an adequate view of the heart and purposes of the God of the universe who does not understand that he permitted his son to die on the cross to reach out to all people, even people who hated him. That is who God is. But that is not just a “right answer” to a theological question. It is God looking at me from the cross with compassion and providing for me, with never-failing readiness to take my hand to walk on through life from wherever I may find myself at the time.

“Paul’s sense of the meaning of the death of the Son for the individual is spelled out in ecstatic detail in Rom. 8:31-39:

God is for us! Who is against us? Since he did not spare his own Son in reaching us, he obviously is ready to give us every good thing. Who will charge us with anything? God has cleared us of all his charges. Who condemns us? Jesus died for us. Yes, and he passed through death intact, and now stands in the place from which God acts, looking after our interests. Of all the terrible and frightening things the human mind discovers, not one can take us out of his loving hands. We don’t just “manage” or cope. We thrive on it all! Nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Jesus the Anointed, our Lord.””

(from “The Divine Conspiracy”, by Dallas Willard, p. 335)

Oh, that I would know the love of our Lord in a greater and deeper way!

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